Gold Medal Bakery aspires to follow three core values in every aspect of its business.
Integrity: Gold Medal has built its reputation on meeting the needs of our customers and the millions of consumers they serve. Thus, integrity is providing peace of mind to our customers through performing our job at the highest level even when no one is overseeing our work, and holding ourselves accountable should we not meet our lofty goals.
Commitment: Gold Medal’s commitment truly sets us apart from the competition. Our attitude is to “get the job done” to take care of the customer. Such a commitment always requires passion and energy, and sometimes mandates holiday deliveries or tight lead times. But doing what it takes is one of our strongest attributes and deeply held beliefs, and worth the sacrifices we make to retain our customers’ loyalty.
Caring: Just as important is Gold Medal’s desire to care for the well-being of its employees and the community. Gold Medal willingly communicates Company plans or goals whenever possible, and provides wages and benefits that it believes are fair and equitable. Such a commitment has led to many 2nd and 3rd generation families working for our organization. And the entire team here at Gold Medal gives back to the South Coast community with our time, money, and energy, achieving recognition and awards for these efforts


Date the files were received:  15 August 2023


files:  Financial documents, correspondence with bank employees, account movements, balance sheets, tax documents, compensation, source code.